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We offer consulting for multiple different services. Gearing up for product or service launch? We can consult on a marketing campaign. Want to launch Facebook ads but don’t know where to start? We can help get you set up! 

This starts with an intake form to get to know your goals, then an hour and a half long phone call to get deep into the details and plan out whatever you need in detail. You’ll then have the option to work on a retainer basis, or take it from there on your own!


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Really loved the work we’ve done together? Want to have a more full service package? From design, to marketing, to social media, and advertising - we offer monthly retainers to work together on an ongoing basis!  

This option is great if you’re looking to outsource a portion of your business or if there’s an area that you just want an expert to work on. These are custom packages based on your needs. It can look like anything from a few hours a month to multiple hours a week.

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Brand strategy is the most important piece of your business in order to guarantee success. A solid brand strategy includes your why, you goals, your vision, your audience, how to execute, where to execute and more.

Plain and simple, this is our bread and butter. With years of experience in audience and brand research, continuously staying up to date on best practices across social, websites, etc., we are ready to set your brand up for massive success. Head to our portfolio page to see an example of what exactly is included here (it’s too much to list here!)

brand strategy

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There is no better way to level up your business than brand design. Consistent and beautiful visuals leads to brand recognition and trust. The elements in this package will define your visual identity to make your brand recognizable whether that be online, or in the real world.

Our initial package includes one primary and submark logo, a type suite, and a color palette. Additional elements can be added for at a custom price based on the project. Brand strategy must be defined to only do visual design, but we can chat about what is needed prior!

brand identity

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A custom website that is designed with your brand design and your target market’s user experience in mind. A great websites is an absolute must for capturing your audience online, having them take you seriously, and converting your product or service. 

Our initial package starts with five pages and a custom 404 page. Additional pages are custom quoted. All websites are designed in Showit. Showit membership and custom domain price are not included in the pricing package. 

web design

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Once your branding is defined, social media templates are the best way to stay consistent in your marketing across platforms. The goal is for your target market to recognize you in their feed without even seeing a logo. Consistent social design creates brand recognition and trust among potential consumers as well.

Already have your branding? We can make custom templates based on your current needs. Templates are delivered via Canva, so no need to be a design wiz or pay for expensive software! 

social templates

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